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Monday, July 10, 2006

Dog ☆ KAI dog in Japan

The kai dog is a kind of the dog of the Yamanashi Prefecture origin ("It is" is an old name of a country of Yamanashi Prefecture).
To characterize in Toramou, it has the alias of "kai tiger". It is one of the six Japanese kinds of dogs specified for the natural monument.
It is being bred as a home dog now though they are hunting such as the wild boar in the mountainous region, Camoshica, Shica, and bears and various work according to it.
Moreover, it is criticized from no opening of the mind to men other than the owner, and carrying out the loyalty at the life to person's owner only with the dog of the main of one generation 1.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dog in imagination? Shesar

This is Shesar of Okinawa.
It is the famous one in image of Korean dog similar Japan.Either is also near the lion here.
Such an image is everywhere in Okinawa.
It is because with the meaning of the amulet that drives away the evil spirit who causes the misfortune to the house, the person, and the village. Please see deliberately by all means when you go to Okinawa.
Comparing it is also happy because there are a lot of different one by one one.

Image of Korean dog

Let's be for a long time in not a genuine dog this time but Japan and tell the story of famous 'Image of Korean dog'.
To begin with,The image of Korean dog is beast's in the imagination of looking like the dog of putting sideward of the entrance in the Shinto shrine and the buddhist temple or both the main shrine front on the right and left etc. by the couple image.

It is originally an animal near the lion. However, it is mysterious because it is called the dog in Japan.
It is the next talk though there is a dog in various imaginations of the other, too.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Do you change in the method of cutting?

The image changes considerably because of the trim and cutting.
The image might be changed by such cutting in Japan.
Especially, the dog that Mouta is long is hot and serious in summer. Therefore, the method of cutting might be changed and refreshingly.
By the way, this dog is Pomeranian.
It seems to have cut it imaging Japanese midget Shiba.
Fairly refreshingly.

Dog ☆ Ryukyu dog in Japan

Does a Ryukyu dog know?
It seems to be a peculiar dog to Okinawa in Japan.
It is a natural monument in Japan.
It is a very rare dog.
I have not seen the thing yet either.
There might be a lot of scarce in this way dogs in the world, too.
In a left photograph, Nainu and right photograph is puppy.

Small dog and a big dog which do you like?

A big dog is kept in my house.
It is serious to keep a big dog.
However, the sense of existence is not small dog's charm.
However, the place in which it cannot carry by holding after all is a little lonely.
It is good also in an of course small dog a lot.
Small dog and a big dog which do you like?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family dog boom

It is a terrible family dog boom in the book today.
A large-scale dog is kept in my home.
However, there seem to be in general a lot of small dogs.
However, either is after all lovely the dog.

Japanese midget Shiba. 2

Japanese midget Shiba also has white kinds of dogs.
White is also lovely though brown is general.

Japanese midget Shiba. 1

Japanese midget Shiba.

It is a dog in Japan.
It is easy to keep it comparatively because it is a medium dog.
It is a dog popular in Japan.

Friend's lovely puppy 1

Friend's lovely puppy is no.1 that has it.

~My Family~MAX

It is pet dog MAX of my home.